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Structured Settlement

A Structured Settlement is a contract where an insurance company agrees to make regular payments to a specific individual over a set period of time. It allows the insurance company to pay a settlement in installments rather than all at once. Payments can be spread out over several years, which is not always easy to live with.

Have you been injured and are the recipient of a settlement following a personal injury case? If you have, then it is likely that the court has provided for a structured settlement for the insurance company as a compensation of your injury.  In many cases, recipients of such court orders prefer to receive their compensation in one lump payment and this is where we come in.

What this means is that instead of receiving a gradual disbursment of your money, we would be able to provide you with a lump sum of money.

It is important to remember that personal injury settlements are set up to allow insurance companies the option to spread their payments over an extended period of time.

Lottery Winnings

Lottery payouts are the way lottery winnings are distributed. Generally, lotteries pay out around 50–70% of winnings back to players. Typically large lottery winnings are set up as an annuity, paid in 20 or more installments.

A lottery winning is a type of annuity whereby the winner receives an annuaty as a result of their lottery winnings.


An annuity is a sum of money or an investment that is paid out at regular intervals.


An annuity is a contract between an insurance company and an indivudual providing said individual with payments over a specific period or time.  The induvidul, the party receiving this payment is referred to as the plaintiff or injured party in a lawsuit. 

Recipients often prefer to receive this money in one lump sum of money which they can use immediately.

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